Teenaged Illusionist


Weedy, thirty-four year-old man. Dresses like a stage magician, including the top hat. Loves card tricks.


Oliver grew up in the orphanage in Chindl, where he had many adventures, misadventures, secrets, enemies, and friendships which will get fleshed out in the event he ever becomes a main PC.

He was apprenticed off to an illusionist (by way of a lost wager) who figured he would only be good for light housework and running errands. Oliver surprised his master by sneaking in to the magical study and teaching himself to read illusionists’ script. After a lesson in boundaries, (and then 20 more years studying the fundamentals of illusory magic) Oliver was taught to be an illusionist, and kicked out into the wide world to gain a little wisdom and humility.

Recently, Oliver hired on to the Tanglewood Company, becoming Bunker’s newest henchman.


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