Archmage Solustro

The Archmage Solustro is the current Baron of Kalinstren. The ruling family, the Cardels, have been magic-users of middling power for generations. Solustro is reputed to be the most powerful yet in the line. Solustro is one of the major powers opposing Belvor. He stymies the king at every chance in the council.

Solutstro is about 30, 5’ 9" tall, with bushy brown hair and fierce eyebrows. He wears wizard-looking robes and owns a pegasus named Ariana that he rides into combat. He wears a sword at his belt but holds a wand in his hand. The wand occasionally gives off sparks.

Solustro is married to Hermas, an attractive woman nearly a decade older than himself. The love of his life, however, is Marinet, one of the king’s daughters. Whether she returns his affection is not known to nobodies like you, but rumors say they are totally banging.

Magic-users will be interested in his repertoire. He has been known to use fireball and cone of cold on the battlefield. He has been seen with a Mordenkainen’s faithful hound guarding his tent in camp. He might have used death spell in a raid on an orc encampment one time, but the reports are vague. He has definitely used a variety of low-level defensive spells like armor, shield, and mirror image.

Archmage Solustro

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