Hari Seldon

“Uncle” Hari, as he was known to several of the characters, was an eccentric but loved human who spent a great deal of his time traveling, apparently. He entered into the characters’ lives, told stories of fame and adventure, and gifted the characters with a keep upon his death, under the provision that they kill or drive out the monsters that took it from him.

Hari was a roving adventurer. Hero, mercenary, ne’er do well? Depends on who you ask. To the PCs, he’s been a generous friend of your father, always ready to share a story, bring gifts for the kids, and news from the outside world. He has been a dispenser of good advice, and a trusted confidant.

Uncle Harry had a refinement to him that spoke of clerks and courtiers, but his stories involved outdoor treks through arduous terrain, fights with exotic monsters, and arcane traps. He focused on the activities of others—never a boast about himself. He always brought memento for his “nephews and nieces.”

Hari is about 5’ 9", slender of build. He has tousled light-brown hair and no end of energy. His age would be hard to guess, but you have known him for at least 20 years, and he hasn’t changed much. A few more wrinkled, a few new scars, and always a new horse.


Hari Seldon

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