Knights of Furyondy

Furyondy, being a feudal state, has knights. However, the Knights of Furyondy (capital K) is an chivalric order founded originally to protect members of the royal family. Its mandate has changed over the centuries since its founding. It now protects the lands between the Vesve and the Nyr Dyv and its peoples.

The Knights of Furyondy are the rock stars of the nation. Common folk worship them as heroes, nobles compete for the few invitations they hand out. Ever since a villainous traitor almost ruined their name under King Ulwald II about 80 years ago, they have welcomed new members only with great deliberation and investigation.

The order has an array of special ranks and assignments, but most Furyondyans (is that what they’re called?) recognize Knights and Dames by their shoulder sashes (red with a gold horse). People familiar with the order recognize Stars, or members of either sex who have been further awarded after becoming members of the order.

They are closely allied with the clergy of Heironeous. Its followers are not required to worship the god exclusively, but they must be generally observant of his principles.

Special titles are unknown to most of you at this time but include a Prelate, Equestian Exemplar, Inquisitor, Librarian, Curates, and a number of Commanders. The total number of members is no more than a few hundred.

Knights of Furyondy

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