The Lostafinga Hobgoblin Tribe

You know some things about the Lostafinga tribe from your interrogation of captives in Tanglewood Keep. The key takeaways you got from this are

The hobgoblins take fingers from their slain foes in battle. They wear them as trophies on a necklace. The prestige of a hobgoblin among his peers depends on the number of fingers he wears.

The hobgoblin tribe overall numbers several hundred soldiers and their families. They are a military troupe, organized along ranks and seniority.

The chief is Shar-Kee, a great warrior with many fingers. He is a direct descendant of the tribe’s founding father.

There is a legend of the founding of the Lostafinga tribe. Here it is.

The Great Chief Gar-Nu-Kee led the tribe on its trek from the western parts of the Flanaess to a promised land revealed to him by Maglubiyet, the god of goblins and hobgoblins. Upon arriving in the Vesve Forest, the chief and his tribe met a fierce green dragon named Vesicant. The dragon demanding regular hobgoblin sacrifices to feed her children in exchange for the right to live in the forest.

The fearless and wise Gar-Nu-Kee refused. “Hobgoblins are tough, stringy, and taste awful,” he told the dragon. Vesicant tested his claim by reaching out with her serpentine strike and snapping off the chief’s little finger. She spit it back out and agreed with his claim. The brave and handsome Gar-Nu-Kee offered to bring the dragon back other (non-hobgoblin) sacrifices instead, an arrangement that was fine with the dragon.

The Lostafinga Hobgoblin Tribe

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