A record of dates and the haps

Date (CY 576)

For references, check out the Greyhawk Calendar

Goodmonth 24 You found Baltar’s missing relatives, killed the dragon at the end of the dungeon and found tons of loot. Literally, tons. It’s going to be a chore to haul out the contents of all of those dwarves’ pockets, but you can undoubtedly do it if you’re dedicated enough. You also identified a couple of items, which turned out to be a nice haul, too. Making Nauglarond safe again revives a good source of trade with the kingdoms of Furyondy and Veluna. You get a new map piece! I will update the photo shortly.
Goodmonth 20 The Tanglewood Company pressed on into the Foundry, meeting undead and losing no levels to a wight. Grats! They fought with the current claimant to the throne, a duergar champion of no mean skill, who they trounced thoroughly. The rest of the dungeon should be mopping up—unless there’s another boss somewhere.
Goodmonth 18 While the roster of characters who stay back and guard the camp rotates, the party pressed on through the Glitterhame, a wild underground area separating the entrance area from the main city. The party goes so far as to enter the city proper, discovering that duergar have taken up residence in the Great Hall. It’s a bad sign.
Goodmonth 17 The Tanglewood company arrives at the Mountain Door leading to the dwarven city. With prior knowledge of the layout, an invisible scout, and higher levels than the dungeon calls for, it’s a cakewalk to clear out the first level.
Goodmonth 2 to Goodmonth 8 The party returns to Tanglewood Keep. Baltar has received a letter asking for help from his family members who are still alive in Nauglarond.
Reaping 16-Goodmonth 2 Several party members trained for their next level in Estham.
Reaping 15 The Tanglewood Company attacked the marine element of the smuggling operation by assaulting a ship from the shore. They were so sneaky, heading straight up toward the direction the ship was expecting visitors and offering only the most meager attempts at subterfuge. Fortunately, the won initiative, blew their best spells and really gimped up the deadliest enemies on the ship. When all was said and done, they ended the smuggling operation for good, to the great relief of the town council. Or at least 2 or maybe 3 of the council members. It’s hard to tell.
Reaping 8-14 Erdick and Novo went to Chendl for various reasons.
Reaping 1-7 Two of the party members rested from their horrific wounds.
Richfest 7 Never ones to back down from a challenge, the party members avoided the challenge of the haunted house by going in right after breakfast. The abandoned mansion teemed with vermin, slimes, molds, and other evidences of rot and was all but free of ghosts. The adventure paused as the party approached someone or something making noise around a bend ahead in the limestone caves underneath the mansion.
Richfest 6 Traveling during one of the festival weeks is both good and bad. It’s good because people are generally in a good mood, and bandits seem scarce. It’s bad because tolls seem to go up and the inns are full. Regardless, the party made it to Estham by the 6th day of Richfest. Several of them might have either gotten pregnant by a lord or knocked up a lady. I’m not sure; we never really went into detail. It’s probably for the better.
Wealsun 26 The party returns to Chendl for various ambiguous reasons. Novo submits an application for the Thieves Guild and asks about work in Willip. He is told to ask for someone named Sanbalet.
Wealsun 22 The party dispatches the hobgoblins to return to their home with a threatening note.
Wealsun 21 Bovo and Baltar have finished their level training with Analore. Somebody spots what looks like the roof of a straw hut just inside the treeline. It’s NW of the keep.
Wealsun 4 The party members, their men-at-arms, and hobgoblin POWs clear land equivalent to what could be called a wagon trail meeting up with the existing trail that led partway from Red Larch.
Wealsun 3 An apprentice of the archmage comes to Tanglewood Keep in response to the party’s message. He promises that aid will be available to them in case of a major hobgoblin incursion.
Wealsun 2 Crows deliver a message to Archmage Solustro
Flocktime 28 A lost elven musician named Analore comes to mooch off the party’s larder. He doesn’t seem to tell any great stories, and he’s the least rumor-y bard ever, but at least he offers level training to a couple of PCs. That’s actually the biggest treasure you’ve gotten yet in terms of gp value.
Flocktime 26 The Lostafinga patrol exchange returns to a deadly and prepared defense. They are overwhelmed by druidic magic, underwhelmed by arcane magic, and riddled by focused arrow fire like the losing side in a 30s gangster movie.
Flocktime 25 Party arrives at Tanglewood Keep along with a number of mercenaries hired to help guard the keep. A bunch of animals have learned tricks.
Flocktime 21 Party leaves for Tanglewood Keep with 2 of their number having trained for level 2. Grats!

Planting 27 Party returns to Chendl, sells loot, gems, and begins leveling.
Planting 22 PCs clear the keep and meet the ghost of Uncle Heri and Archmage Solustro
Planting 21 PCs arrive in at Tanglewood Keep
Planting 17 PCs arrive in Chendl and hear the reading of the will
Planting 12 Notices of wills reach the PCs
Planting 2 Uncle Heri dies


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