Neutral Good Human Fighter


Str: 18/71, Int: 10, Wis: 12, Dex: 15, Con: 17, Cha: 12

Hit Points: 20
Armor Class: 0

Plate Mail +1 & Shield
Morning Star
Footman’s Flail
Composite “Strength” Longbow

“A warrior with nothing to fight for but himself is little more than a common thug.”


Bunker was raised as a heraldic limner in Kalinstren, painting coats of arms on shields, armor, and buildings. By age fifteen he was talented enough that he was quite in demand for the creation of patents of nobility, which is what landed him in trouble.

Unwittingly, Bunker created a set of forged patents, not realizing the “noble” he was working for was anything but. He was caught and given the choice to join the infantry, which he did. Bunker served his time well, becoming known as someone who followed orders quickly and without complaint.

Something bad occurred during Bunker’s time in the infantry however. Afraid to question his sergeant, he followed an order that haunted him, and ultimately caused him to desert his post. As an adventurer, Bunker has resolved to do good, and to BE good, to atone for his cowardice.

Bunker has two henchmen, the ranger, Martin, and the illusionist, Oliver.


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