Miles Wisess

Human Cleric


Cleric (Life Domain) LVL 6

STR (15 ) DEX (9) CON (14) INT (13) WIS (18) CHA (11)

AC: 20
Platemail+1, Shield

HP: 45

Uses a mace


Born: 16 Coldeven Cy 553
Parents: Jared & Lucia Weisses
Sibling: Theodric
Goals: Prove worthy of Pelor’s favor

Description: Miles is Slightly above average height for a human male , He has brown hair and Eyes

Miles was placed under the care of High Priest Grelden at the age of 9 due to being involved in the death of a noble’s son. Miles grew up in the church of Pelor never really interacting with people outside the church, At the age of 23 his Uncle Harry passed away and Miles was required to attend the reading of the will.
He has since spent his time in the Tanglewood Company.

Miles Wisess

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