Half Elf Druid Woman


Str: 13, Int: 10, Wis: 15, Dex: 14, Con: 13, Cha: 15

Hit Points: 11
Armor Class: 7

Leather Armor and Wooden Shield
Sling and Bullet


Taene is a short, slender woman with black hair, brown eyes, and incredibly plain and unremarkable visage. In almost all circumstances, she wears full leather armor and thigh-high leather boots underneath a full-length brown cloak. When Taene travels outdoors, especially through places with plenty of vegetation, she adds sticks and leaves and mud to the outside of her cloak to create a visual and olfactory camoflage. She tried on a gold earring once but, she didn’t like it.

Taene lacks some social graces as a result of her sheltered upbringing. Despite her regular awkwardness, she is very capable of winning people over with her sheer, unfaltering confidence. She is especially friendly, sometimes inappropriately so.

Taene hails from the Vesve Forrest in Kalinstren. As the daughter of two druids, she became an innitiate of the Greyhawk druid circle at an early age. As she grew older, she grew increasingly disillusioned by the practices of her branch of the druid circle. Particularly, they placed an extreme emphasis on stasis and unwavering duty. Taene, after her 44th year, grew weary of her perpetual rank of aspirant. Eschewing the virtues of conservation and duty, she left her family in search of grander experiences. It is her greatest desire to travel the world, developing wisdom by witnessing and experiencing the wonders of nature firsthand. So long as it would not mean sacrificing her heartfelt aspirations, Taene would consider rejoining the Greyhawk circle of druids.

Recognizing the limitations and danger of exploring alone, Taene decided to join the Tanglewood company in the hopes that she would benefit in her personal quest. Since joining the company, she has begun to develop camaraderie with and fondness for her fellow adventurers.

Although she is pleased with her company, Taene remains eager to experience the world in all its glory. Her greatest satisfaction so far has been to witness her animal friends in combat. To her, there is something beautiful and exciting about the violence and bloodshed which nature can produce.


Cornerstones Taene