Red Larch

Population: less than a thousand
Race: humans
Rule: Sir Guy Larchmont “the Bull”

Red Larch is built around a trading post. It has two main roads leading through it, with most of the town built along the Raiding Road. The two most prominent features are the trading post, which is kind of like a Wal-Mart. It has stuff for sale that independent rural folk need, like barrels, carts, draft animals, linen, rope, nails, candles, and all sorts of things. The next-busiest building is the tavern, the Rat and Moon. The tavern has good bear, fair wine, and a rusty-tasting mead that kind of grows on you.

Red Larch is an awkward size, like a growing teenager. It’s larger than a village and doesn’t have the infrastructure or order of a real town. It’s on the intersection of a road that connects the fief with the capital (the Raiding Road) and a moderately busy local road (the Elven Road), so it sees a little more trade than most villages, but it’s still largely dependent on the local farming for its food and income.

Sir Guy does not interfere with the town much, leaving its daily operation to a self-appointed “mayor”, Nyman Rails.

Red Larch

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